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A hub with all the processes you need. A Notion Template specially made for web designers and Webflow Developers who are ready to see themselves as independent business owners.  If you're thinking about launching your own creative studio, take a look at the Studio Pro System.


The Dashboard - Top Navigation Section

The top navigation section is enough to show you what the Freelancer Pro System can offer. In short, it has about 260 pages (including subpages).

The $10K+ Website Roadmap is the most important piece. 

Alone, the $10K+ Website Roadmap can transform your creative business. It's divided into 5 stages:

  • Strategy
  • Content Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Webflow Development (it can be adapted to WordPress)
  • Post-Launch Support

The stages are divided into different phases, some of them with a step-by-step process attached. 

Each one of the stages is organized on a board as seen on tools like Trello and Asana. Tasks and steps are also a page, so they can be used to store information too.

The Roadmap also offers a timeline view.

You can share the page with your clients or invite them as a guest. They will be able to add their own notes, make comments, provide feedback, and so on.  

More than offering a roadmap that gives you the needed elements to ask 10K or more for a website, the Freelancer Pro System has everything you need to make you an independent business owner.


  • Expenses (subscriptions and one-time purchases)
  • Earnings (by type of work)

CRM - Clients

  • Sales Pipeline
  • All clients - closed
  • All clients - only agency
  • Lost opportunities


  • Invoices (3 types)
  • Discovery Sessions
  • Project Brief (covering 8 key areas, with dozens of different questions)
  • Proposals
  • Client Feedback

Help Center

  • Scripts (blank space to add scripts regarding anything you want)
  • Resources (more than 25)
  • Custom Code (blank space to embed JavaScript or CodePen scripts)
  • Guide (tutorials on how to use the Freelancer Pro System)

The Freelancer Pro System also offers management pages for:

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Commitments and obligations (Agenda)

The final price was estimated to $72 but you can buy this for $54 -- 25% OFF -- Limited time.

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Freelancer Pro System

8 ratings
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